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A boutique calligraphy brand based in Delhi, run by me, Juhi Chitra. I make hand-crafted pieces, teach workshops in India, and sell iPad brushes.



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Delhi • Sunday, 29 April

No previous skills or artistic talent needed. Calligraphy kit included. Spend a stress-free Sunday afternoon learning calligraphy using brush pens.



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I post about learning calligraphy (specially as beginners), lettering workshops and events in the city and where to find the best stationery.

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I make each piece on order and work closely with customers to understand their preferences. And being stationery-obsessed, I only use premium materials.



Buy Procreate Brushes for Lettering

If you use the Procreate app on iPad for digital calligraphy, you can get my custom brushes from Creative Market or Etsy.


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Powered by Creative Market

Powered by Creative Market

Powered by Creative Market


About Me

I fell in love with calligraphy when I was 15. It only took 12 years (!) to turn that into a professional practice. I focus on improving my skills while being distracted by shiny stationery.

 Hi I'm Juhi Chitra

Hi I'm Juhi Chitra

 My calligraphy home-studio in Delhi

My calligraphy home-studio in Delhi


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I post regularly on Instagram as @thescratchynib. Follow me to see more from my everyday calligraphy practice, spreads from my Traveler's Notebook & Bullet Journal, videos of my process, and symptoms of my stationery addiction.

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