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13 best calligraphers with a unique style to follow on Instagram

Learn CalligraphyJuhi ChitraComment

Over the years I have managed to carefully calibrate my Instagram feed to provide me the best of the calligraphy inspiration out there. These are artists whose work I personally look at a lot. Each of them has a personal style with some unique elements.

1. Rachel Yallop: @rachelyallopcalligraphy

Rachel is mainly a copperplate calligrapher with this gorgeous immediately-recognisable style that you spot all across the internet. I personally look at her modern-yet-still-copperplate style a lot when practicing on my own, specially her flowy flourishes.

2. Sachin Shah : @sachinspiration

Sachin does mainly blackletters, though he also has a wonderful brush style. But his process videos of colourful, precise, gothic letters are the most addictive.

3. Suzanne Cunningham : @suzcunningham

Suzanne posts beautiful, delicate copperplate calligraphy done for weddings and artworks. Her traditional style is quite beautiful.

4. Melinda : @mellie.zee

Melinda mainly posts colourful brush and ink lettering. Look at the delightful shadows and highlights on this one!

5. O. Albrecht : @albi.letters

Albi has a very modern, typographic lettering style. I love the effortlessness of his casual scripts.

6. Erica : @ep_lettering

Erica has a unique personal style of brush lettering that I really love. Her calligraphy is less about the colours or the fanfare or even fancy tools (she posts a lot of plain, pencil calligraphy); it's more about the perfect, subtle curves and precisely drawn letterforms that still look casual from far.

7. The Postman's Knock (Lindsey Bugbee) : @thepostmansknock

Lindsey is mostly known for her expansive calligraphy blog that I have learned a lot of my lessons from. But she also posts a lot of snailmail envelope calligraphy on Instagram in different styles of pointed-pen modern calligraphy.

8. Michaela McBride : @mmcbridecalligraphy

Mcbride is all about dainty wedding calligraphy. Her style is fairly modern but maintains the traditional wedding vibe.

9. Novia Jonatan : @novia_jonatan

Novia Jonatan in a calligrapher with a gorgeous unique style of lettering and typography that you will find a lot across the internet. The high contrast in her strokes and precise letterforms give her work a sharp quality that I love.

10. Through Paint & Pen : @throughpaintandpen

This calligrapher does wonderful brush lettering that is bursting with colours.

11. Bespoke Strokes (Chantelle Hoffmann) : @bespokestrokes

A wedding calligrapher with a traditional style. I specially love her large artworks.

12. Type + Sundry : @typexsundry

This Singaporean calligrapher produces colourful watercolour lettering. Look at the beautiful gradients in her work!

13. Connie Rie : @connie.rie

From Indonesia, Connie's calligraphy has a fragile, crisp quality. She posts a lot of very casual, modern calligraphy as well as traditional work for weddings.

That's it folks! Hope you find some wonderful inspiration here for your own work! And don't forget to follow me on Insta, while you're at it.