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Recap: Pretty little kits and a happy vibe at the April workshop

Workshops & EventsJuhi ChitraComment

My second workshop of the year happened on 29 April, this time at the newly-opened Agenc Colab studio. It was a bright and open space in Delhi, perfect for zoning out and getting lost in calligraphy.


We learned to use brush pens and did an almost crash-course in modern calligraphy. I finally managed to put together some comprehensive workbooks for use at the workshops and the students loved them.

The best part though was the full kit. Packaged by The Sourcing Factory with beautiful little details. They did a wonderful job making the kit look and feel my brand. The kit contained:

  1. A Zig Fudebiyori coloured brush pen

  2. A Zig Mangaka hard-tipped black brush pen

  3. A workbook with illustrated instructions, drills, lowercase and uppercase letters, variations, further explorations and more

  4. Some guideline sheets for free practice

  5. A thick sheet for final work

  6. A cute little pencil

  7. And a cute little cookie for fun

I had the most wonderful Sunday sharing my passion with the two batches of students. 

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