The Scratchy Nib

Custom Pieces

I love creating one-of-a-kind hand-made pieces. I work closely with clients to understand their preferences and only use the highest-quality materials. Each piece is made with my best skills and a lot of love. Some examples include a hand-written letter for a significant other, a wedding card, a child's name to be framed, a favourite quote in the form of a poster, a collectible item from a fandom, a hand-lettered greeting card, or anything else you fancy! 

Hogwarts Acceptance Letter for a Harry Potter fan

Hand-lettered quotes

A name written in golden ink

An envelope and greeting card for Mother's Day


Speaking & teaching

The part I love the most about being a calligrapher is being able to share this thing that gives me so much joy, with others. That's why I've started taking regular workshops. And am looking for more ways to continue sharing my passion.


Collaborate with The Scratchy Nib

If you're a brand or a fellow designer interested in collaborating together to create something awesome, get right in touch!