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Back in stock: Brush Calligraphy Kits to learn lettering in India

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The last version of these kits went out of stock so quickly, that I spent time redesigning them before bringing them back in stock. A hand-crafted, vintage-looking kit with everything you need to start learning brush lettering. Shipping only within India.

For calligraphy beginners (and intermediate levels)

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A folder to keep everything together

2 beginner-friendly brush pens

Guideline sheets for practice

Sealed with a real wax seal

A 24-page workbook

A handy exemplar (alphabets) sheet

Designed for the details

Basically everything you need

Inside the comprehensive calligraphy workbook

Detailed instructions

Lowercase letters

To full sentences

Tips littered through the workbook

Exercises to get you comfortable with the pens

Uppercase letters

Other styles of lettering

And much more

In one neat package

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