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New Watercolour Brushes for Procreate

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New in my Etsy shop and Creative Market store: a complete set of professional brushes for watercolor lettering and painting in Procreate app on iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil. Bundle contains 6 carefully hand-made brushes that I use everyday.


6 brushes for the price of 3

Included in the bundle:

1. Watercolor Calligraphy Brush

Works magically like real watercolours, complete with a slight feathering of the edges, automatic fading just like when a brush runs out of colour, and layering of transparent strokes. Took me a long time to get it just right. Also uses a little 'streamline' to make all your curves automatically smoother. 

2. Watercolor Outlining Brush 

A thin brush that changes thickness and opacity on pressure to simulate strokes done with a thin paintbrush and watercolors.

3. Watercolor Painting Brush 

Closest thing to using real watercolors. Fades on pressure so you can layer strokes to create the watercolor effect. The florals in above pictures are done using this. Complete with a little feathering.

4. Watercolor Painting Flat Brush

A variation on the above without the fading on pressure for when you just want to do the base layers wth flat colors. Still creates a feathered and layered effect simulating watercolors.

5. Watercolor Washes Brush 

Of course, you also need to do the backgrounds. Perfect for creating large watercolor textures with just a few strokes. Layer some different colors for beautiful effects.


6. Watercolor Dry Washes Brush 

A variation on the above that simulates a dry brush. Great for smaller washes and when you want to introduce a different texture.

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