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Buy a handmade Hogwarts acceptance letter—the perfect gift for a Harry Potter fan

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This personalised Harry Potter themed collectible is by far the most popular request I get, most often as a gift for a Harry Potter fan. Made with distressed parchment and handwritten in calligraphy, with a personalized green-inked envelope sealed with real wax-seal—it's every Harry Potter fan's childhood dream come true. Being a huge Potterhead myself, I put in a lot of love and effort into each piece. I've already made several of these and would love to make more. So let me know if you want one (use the button at the end of this post to send an inquiry).

Photos of the handwritten Hogwarts acceptance letter

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This personalised Harry Potter gift includes:

1. Vintage Envelope

  • Brown envelope distressed by hand with coffee, water and Distress Inks
  • Custom address in serif calligraphy in green ink
  • Hand-stamped border and hand-drawn Hogwarts Mail stamp with a custom date
  • Tied with twine and sealed with a red wax seal

2. Hogwarts Letter of acceptance

  • Premium-quality parchment paper
  • Distressed by hand with coffee, water and Distress Inks
  • Hand-stamped border and printed Hogwarts letterhead
  • Written in modern calligraphy with black Sumi ink or rust-colored India ink and pointed pen

3. List of Supplies

  • Double-sided sheet in same style as above
  • Smaller Hogwarts letterhead on the front side

4. Hogwarts Express ticket

  • Double-sided and printed
  • Mounted on thick card-stock
“There is something astonishingly beautiful about handwritten letters and Juhi made it even more loveable with her craft. Thank you so much! My 'going away' gift couldn't be better.”
—Ivy Mukherjee

Everything is in the vintage Hogwarts stationery theme. It intentionally doesn't look exactly like the prop shown in the Harry Potter movies because that was aimed towards children. This has a more vintage feel, it's what I think actual Hogwarts stationery would have looked like.

Price starts from ₹8,000. Most of the text can be customised. I am based in Delhi but I can ship worldwide. Get in touch and I'll let you know the availability.

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